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Factory Application

ClearShield is applied to glass in one of two ways: onsite (for glass already installed) or in the factory onto new glass.

Processors and Fabricators

Many glass companies worldwide carry out the safe and easy application of ClearShield to add value to the glass in their own factories. It does not require the storing of an extra type of glass. Also, there is no need to commit to a sole supplier as the application can be carried out when necessary on all types of glass.

Ritec offers a complete package for factory application

  • safe, versatile and fully adaptable methods of application

  • full technical training and transfer of expertise

  • Marketing support for a successful launch

  • commercial training to your sales force

  • demonstration and promotional materials

  • safe and non-hazardous products, with specialist formulations to adapt to your specific requirements

Visit the Contact us page now if you are interested in starting up as a ClearShield factory applicator.

Arquitects and Specifiers

ClearShield Low-M Glass can be specified for building projects prior to installation. The advantage is that glass is protected during the construction phase and helps to minimise delays. Contact us if you are interested in specifying ClearShield Low-M Glass









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