Guests get a clear view with ClearShield

Hotel guests get a clear view with ClearShield Guests staying at the new Jury's Inn Hotel in Heathrow have a clearer view thanks to Ritec's innovative ClearShield renovation and protection system...

Guests staying at the new Jury's Inn Hotel in Heathrow have a clearer view thanks to Ritec's innovative ClearShield renovation and protection system. When there was a problem with the glass during the building's construction, the main contractor invited Ritec UK to demonstrate its ClearShield System. Impressed with the demonstration, the contractor ordered treatment for most of the building's glass, not just those stained during construction.

The construction phase of a building means, inevitably, raw glass surfaces are susceptible to damage caused by various construction materials, including cement dust, concrete splatter and water run-off carrying contaminants. Being located near Heathrow airport, the Jury's Inn had the added problem of air pollution caused by jet engine exhausts bonding onto the glass.

With construction nearing completion, it became apparent that the building's overall appearance was spoiled due to some of the glass being heavily stained. Conventional cleaning methods could not remove the problem so in order to satisfy its client, the contractor looked for a solution. Initially, specialist window cleaning companies were invited to remove the unsightly staining but when even they could not achieve the desired results, the contractor had to look elsewhere.

Ritec was contacted to provide an onsite demonstration of its ClearShield System to renovate a single pane of glass. The contractor was so impressed with the result of the demonstration that they decided to have most of the hotel's glass renovated and protected with ClearShield. Almost 400 windows covering seven storeys and an additional 200m2 of curtain walling were treated in total.

The ClearShield System has been developed for the conversion of high maintenance unprotected glass into Low-M (Low-Maintenance) Glass. The first stage of the system involves renovating the glass using specialist products to its original new condition. The second stage is the application of the ClearShield liquid to provide protection from future staining. There are other benefits of ClearShield, including ease of cleaning, significant reduction in the frequency of cleaning to save on maintenance costs and the glass is kept looking like new for longer.

The versatility of ClearShield means that it can be applied either in the factory or onsite for glass already installed, as in this case. With over 20 years of field experience, ClearShield Low-M Glass is now used for all types of applications including commercial glazing, residential windows, conservatories, shower enclosures, decorative glass and glazing in marine vessels and transportation vehicles.