Ritec Puts the Sparkle Back

After 14 years of benefiting from low maintenance glass windows and doors through the use of Ritec's ClearShield, a Basingstoke householder knows just how effective it is…

And when it came time to reapply the treatment, the owners had no hesitation in giving Ritec the opportunity to demonstrate again the clear benefits of the product.

New windows and doors were fitted by Zenith in 1991, and the glass had been treated with ClearShield, which provides surface protection from the damage caused by weathering and contamination. Recently, John Evemy, who lives at the four-bedroom house with his wife, noticed that the windows were not as sparkling or easy to clean and realised that it was time to reapply ClearShield.

The house has around 15 windows and doors to treat, including French doors at the back, and front and back doors with glass panels.

While new glass is bright and sparkling, easy to see through and to keep clean, the environmental conditions, as well as its physical and chemical properties, mean unprotected glass easily becomes stained and discoloured, difficult to see through and hard to clean. For building owners, the routine cleaning of unprotected, high-maintenance glass is a considerable cost in time and money – whether for a tower block or a four-bedroom house. For the building's users, dissatisfaction arises because of a spoiled façade and visibility is compromised. That is where ClearShield provides the ideal solution.

The latest formulation of ClearShield Glass Protect is now available to convert high maintenance unprotected glass to Low-M (Low Maintenance) Glass®. ClearShield maintains the beautiful appearance of a building as the technology prevents staining, and therefore reduces maintenance costs as well as time and effort for the occupier.

The improved formulation is based on the company's proven polymer technology, and provides an even higher resistance to corrosion and staining for easier cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

Today, there is no reason to ignore the need for protection of glass against corrosion and chemical attack, as the affordable technology exists that enables glass to keep its promises of clarity, visibility and cleanliness. ClearShield can be applied in the factory using either manual or fully automatic spraying equipment or, as in this case, onsite as part of Ritec's award-winning ClearShield System.

A delighted John now has Low-M Glass once more and is a great fan of ClearShield. “It's an excellent product," he says. “If anyone asked me I would certainly recommend it."

Ritec is both pioneer and market leader for glass surface, renovation, protection and maintenance. Many companies in over 30 countries have placed their trust and confidence in the ClearShield System. With more than 20 years of actual field experience, ClearShield is used for all types of applications including commercial glazing, residential windows, conservatories, shower enclosures, decorative glass and glazing in marine and railway applications.