See Clear Benefits with ClearShield

Proven for over 25 years, Ritec's ClearShield remains the number one choice for protecting architectural glazing on some of the world's most prestigious buildings, from London to Shanghai...

The benefits for architects, contractors, building owners and facilities managers are key to ClearShield's enduring success, says Stephen Byers, Ritec's Managing Director: “ClearShield Glass provides highly effective resistance to both organic and inorganic contamination, so it retains its original clarity and is much easier to clean and keep clean. If applied prior to installation, ClearShield has added benefits during construction, helping to avoid problems such as unsatisfactory final clean, costly glass replacement and delayed certification on glazing handover."

ClearShield's unique polymer formulation bonds chemically to the glass, leaving a transparent, 'non-stick' surface that delivers long-lasting protection against dirt and staining before, during and after construction. Indeed, building contractors often face the problem of unprotected glass being damaged by concrete splatter, cement dust and other alkaline construction materials. This can mean spending more costly time onsite for remedial work or even glass replacement, all adding up to expensive construction delays. “With ClearShield Low-M® (Low Maintenance) Glass, the surface is highly resistant to onsite damage and corrosion making it a worthwhile investment all round," adds Stephen Byers.

After the building's handover, ClearShield Glass will continue to retain its 'as new' appearance and stay cleaner for longer. The surface is protected against weathering and contamination by organic dirt, such as tree sap and bird droppings, as well as inorganic pollution from traffic fumes and run-off from brickwork.  In addition, it will resist discolouration by lead oxides from roof flashing, for example, and iron oxides from railway lines. Frequency of cleaning and associated costs will also be reduced, explains Stephen Byers: “There will be less use of access equipment to reach windows in high rise buildings and maintaining the glass will be easier, without having to resort to harsh chemicals and labour-intensive cleaning methods."

Although Ritec recommends prevention rather than cure, ClearShield also provides a solution for glass that is already contaminated. Ritec's specialist Onsite Team can renovate the glass to its original appearance and then treat the surface to ensure protection against future staining and corrosion.

Summing up, Stephen Byers says ClearShield is the result of a research and development programme that spans a quarter of a century and as such offers proven performance over newer competitor products: “Unlike some of the other options available, ClearShield Glass is highly versatile and can be installed on glass under overhangs, for example, and is suitable for vertical and sloped glazing applications. It will resist attack from both organic and inorganic contaminants, and that resistance starts immediately after treatment. With all these benefits it's not surprising that ClearShield has stood the test of time when it comes to keeping architectural glass clean and sparkling."

ClearShield is part of a fully integrated System for the renovation, protection and maintenance of all types of glass, and can be applied in the factory before installation (using manual or fully automatic spraying equipment) or onsite after installation. For further information about the award-winning ClearShield System or other products in Ritec's range, visit