Cut Cleaning and Increase Profits with ClearShield

Glass manufacturers, processors, fabricators and artists can all reap numerous benefits by providing ClearShield protection...

As an added value service, ClearShield gives a competitive edge and can boost profit margins and sales potential by offering a high-quality, finished product that stays looking like new for longer.

Ritec's ClearShield glass surface protection System provides resistance to dirt, staining and discolouration. It is much easier to clean and keep clean as a result. Decorative glass, including sandblasted and acid etched-glass, retains its intended pristine appearance that is otherwise normally vulnerable to staining.

One company already reaping the benefits of being a fully-trained ClearShield applicator is P&M Dabner, specialists in sealed unit production and decorative glass. The Kent-based company finds ClearShield ideal for protecting the glassworking techniques it offers, such as sandblast finishes, acid-etching and hand-ground backgrounds. The company's commissions range from sandblasted retail display panels for a leading London store to a glass staircase with non-slip sandblasted treads. “We also produce decorated glass panels for pubs, which are subject to discolouration by tobacco smoke," says P&M Dabner's General Manager, John Bonney. ClearShield protects against this kind of contamination and cleaning time and frequency are significantly reduced, which saves customers time and money. "For us it is a system that is easy to apply yet produces a higher quality of glass. As an added option for our customers, when combined with Ritec's recommended after-care programme, ClearShield treated glass can look and perform like new for many years," adds John.

Daedalian Glass in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire also uses ClearShield to protect the stunning glass features it creates for installations throughout the UK and overseas. Recent projects include sandblasted glass panels incorporating fused glass bonded to the surface for Cherryfold Community School, a junior school in Burnley. The panels feature designs from the children's paintings depicting the history of manufacturing in the area and the notorious 17th century witchcraft case in nearby Pendle. The glass was treated with ClearShield Sandblast Glass Protect – a version developed specially for sandblasted glass.

Christopher Walmsley, Daedalian's Marketing Manager comments: “Unprotected sandblasted glass soon becomes finger-marked and is very difficult to clean. Applying ClearShield Sandblast Protect eliminates this problem and provides the added value to the customer."  Daedalian was equally pleased with Ritec's back-up service. Christopher continues: “It was excellent – easy to order and dispatched the same day. Any problems or spare parts for the applicator were sorted by the next day."

ClearShield features a proven polymer formulation that chemically bonds to the glass surface, converting it to Low-M (Low-Maintenance) Glass. The application gives a 'non-stick' uniform finish that is transparent, non-hazardous and UV stable. The proven ClearShield protection is durable and unlike a coating, will not peel, crack or flake.

Low-M Glass can be maintained without the need for harsh and abrasive chemicals or cleaning methods, and cleaning time and frequency can be reduced by up to 50% by following simple maintenance procedures.

Summing up the benefits of becoming a ClearShield applicator, Stephen Byers, Ritec's Managing Director, says: “With our comprehensive training, marketing assistance and technical advice we can quickly help companies to get up and running with the System and add real value to their existing products and service."