ClearShield Adds Value at Versatile Glass Company

Recent contracts for P&M Dabner reflect the added value benefits of Ritec's ClearShield glass surface protection system, especially on sandblasted glass...

Sandblasted retail display panels for a leading London store and a glass staircase with non-slip sandblasted treads are two of the company's latest commissions to be surface treated with ClearShield as a protection against staining and discolouration. In addition to decorative items, conservatory roof units also receive the ClearShield treatment, leaving the glass resistant to general dirt and weathering, making it easier to clean and keep clean.

The ClearShield System has been developed by Ritec for the conversion of high maintenance, unprotected glass into Low-M (Low Maintenance) Glass. It features a proven polymer formulation that bonds chemically to the glass, leaving a transparent, 'non-stick' surface. It is ideal for the type of decorative glass techniques offered by P&M Dabner, which includes a range of sandblast finishes, acid etching and hand ground backgrounds. General Manager John Bonney, comments: “Sandblasted glass is particularly vulnerable to stains, such as fingermarks, which are difficult to remove because of the textured surface. We also produce decorated glass panels for pubs, which are subject to discolouration by tobacco smoke." Glass treated with ClearShield protects against this kind of contamination and marking and so retains its attractive appearance for longer. John continues: “It also means cleaning time and frequency is significantly reduced and no harsh chemicals are required, which saves our customers time and money. And when combined with Ritec's recommended after-care programme, treated glass can look and perform like new for years to come."

Ritec's ClearShield system is available in the standard ClearShield Glass Protect formula, together with specialist versions for different applications, including ClearShield Sandblast Protect, as used by P&M Dabner, and ClearShield Shower Protect. Ritec also offers its customers free training, marketing assistance and technical advice. Further information on becoming a Registered ClearShield Applicator is available by calling Ritec on 020 8344 8210 or visit