Corrosion-Resistant and Low-Maintenance ClearShield Glass at Seatrade 2007

Contaminants such as seawater deposits, weathering and engine exhaust all contribute to the corrosion, staining and discolouring of marine glass, making cleaning difficult and time-consuming...

ClearShield protected glass stays looking like new, resulting in increased visibility and safety, plus improved passenger comfort and satisfaction. There are also environmental benefits and cost savings through reduced cleaning, water consumption and chemicals.

In its first time at the Miami Cruise Shipping Convention, Ritec will be promoting its ClearShield System, a guaranteed solution for renovating, protecting and maintaining new and existing marine glass. Visitors to the stand can come and see ClearShield in action in video presentations and watch live demonstrations on glass in a model of a cruise ship balcony.

ClearShield can be used to treat interior and exterior marine glass on any scale and at any stage in the life of the glass, as long as the glass surface is not damaged beyond the point of no return. Its advanced polymeric resin formula bonds to the glass surface, providing a durable and totally transparent barrier, which is chemically inert, non-hazardous, UV stable and won't peel, crack or flake. Just like non-stick cookware, ClearShield protected glass is applied to new glass to make it corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance. As a cure for installed glass already contaminated and stained ClearShield is applied in-situ.

Stefan Roelands, Business Development and Project Manager of Ritec International Marine Services, comments: 'When applied in-situ to new glass at the construction stage, we offer extra services that include: removal of glue residue from glass protective film, removal of paint or other types of contamination, and final quality control of glass surfaces including detection of scratching or other damage.'

Stefan added, 'The ClearShield System is a tried and tested product that delivers considerable commercial benefits and we're anticipating a very positive response from the many cruise line owners and operators who visit the Show.'

Ritec International Marine Services has more than 25 years experience in the marine sector and its specialist team has treated glass on a wide variety of vessels, including cruise liners in the Princess Cruises fleet, one of the world's premier cruise lines. Indeed, the team has recently been awarded a contract to treat all exterior glass during the construction of three brand new Princess Cruises liners, including windshields, sliding doors and balconies.

Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

March 12-15, 2007

Ritec International Marine Services

Stand 1514