Ritec Celebrates 25 Years of Low-Maintenance Solutions

Ritec is demonstrating at the London Surface Design Show its unique and innovative solutions to make clear or sandblasted glass, aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated surfaces Low-M (Low-Maintenance), easy-to-clean and stain resistant...

Ritec will also be celebrating 25 years of major successes using its technology on building facades, interior glazing in leisure centre or office partitioning, luxury cruise ships and many other applications worldwide.

The company renovates stained and faded surfaces to their original 'as-new' condition when regular cleaning is no longer effective, and protects them to prevent further damage. The protection can also be applied for glass in the factory to provide protection during construction. This means reduced costs for building contractors avoiding difficult final clean, delayed certification on handover and costly remedial work or glass replacement. It also means reduced maintenance costs for building owners and occupiers, the prevention of surface degradation and difficult maintenance over time, and the preservation of high specification glazing performance.

During construction, splatter from concrete, plaster and mortar, cement dust and other construction materials stain unprotected glass and are difficult or impossible to remove. Inevitably, unprotected surfaces become contaminated over time by building run-off, limescale and pollution, resulting in a faded appearance as well as costly and difficult cleaning. Ritec has provided solutions to those problems to architects, building or glazing contractors and facility managers on prestigious projects including the Lloyd's of London building, many high-rises in Sydney, Thailand's new Bangkok airport, and more recently the Shanghai World Finance Center, or Mori building, set to be the tallest building in the world upon completion next year.

Visitors at this year's show can see and feel the difference of both ClearShield and Ritecoat compared to untreated surfaces with a range of demonstrations and samples on the stand. Also at the show will be Ritec's new Glass Renovation and Protection brochure, which explains the benefits of the ClearShield System to architects, interior designers and specifiers.

Ritec have an Onsite service and is able to renovate and protect surfaces that have already been installed. With 25 years of experience and success, Ritec have the expertise to provide solutions to surface protection problems.

The company also offer a RIBA-approved CPD seminar, 'Glass Surface Protection Technology'. The seminar introduces the technology underpinning glass protection, as well as expanding on the implications of sound maintenance and aftercare.